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Hannah B

“I hired Scarlett because I wanted to figure out a style (and associated clothing) that would work for me – casual yet professional. She met or exceeded my expectations by having a ton of options ready to go when I arrived, tirelessly chasing down different sizes, and frankly nailing combinations that would work for me right from the get-go. My favorite part was how effortless the whole process was – and how good and comfortable I feel in the resulting outfits. I call Scarlett an absolute expert in her field – and overall a miracle worker!”

Michelle Kinney

“I hired Scarlett after hearing her present at an industry event I attended, because I needed and wanted an honest opinion about what would be the best colors and styles to make me look my best and camouflage the parts I didn’t like. I longed to be able to shop with more confidence and learn some new resources for brands and stores where I could find flattering items for me to wear. I thought this would be a birthday and mother’s day gift that I could really use and I’ve been wanting to do something like this for awhile and the time was finally right.
I wanted to be more confident with both the clothes I already owned and when I shopped in stores. After my virtual consultation with Scarlett I feel much more confident! and was able to eliminate pieces in my closet that I liked but didn’t know how to wear. Trying them on again after talking with Scarlett made finally getting rid of them an easy decision.

I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable the shopping suggestions she made were, even though they were from higher end resources! A lot of the items were on sale, so I couldn’t resist getting several of the items she suggested.
Thanks for the courage to search for something perfect, instead of just good enough!”

Nancy Sheed

Sheed Communications

“When I hired Scarlett, I finally committed to investing in myself, as I just wanted to stop feeling stuck or blah about what I was wearing.
I was simply tired of feeling like I didn’t have the “right” things to wear.
Scarlett helped me get rid of the clothes that were not serving me well and created a closet full of outfits I could wear.
It was also really helpful to learn the key pieces that were missing from my wardrobe and how to best use my accessories.”

Arlene Bubbico

“Thank you so much for your help today.  I had fun working with you and look forward to my ‘New Look’.. plus my closet is so roomy now. 🙂 
Thanks for taking so much time with me and for being so patient.  Someone is going to be very lucky when I take the rejects out of my house!
After shopping with you, I am enjoying my new wardrobe and look forward to using your suggestions as I go along.”

Mary Malloy

Nirvana Tails

“I didn’t think I needed a style consultant, because I work with animals. How dressed up can I get? But after working with Scarlett, I learned what works for me and what doesn’t, and how to boost my style just that little bit so I can work with the dogs and cats AND still look polished and professional. I also have the confidence now to choose clothing without too much hemming and hawing, since I know my best colors, necklines, and styles. Now, I always have something in my closet that’s right for the occasion, that looks great on me, and that gives me confidence. Thank you, Scarlett!”

Christina Nevins

“I just wanted to let you know that I’ve started receiving some of the clothes you recommended in our virtual style consultation. I love everything so far, and it all fits great. And those jeans!! Where have they been all my life?! They’re amazing!
Thanks for opening up a whole new world of clothes for me!”

Christine Daves

“I was tired of looking in my closet and seeing clothes that I had spent money on but would never wear. I hate to think about how much money I have wasted buying clothes only to donate them never worn.
In the past I thought that if I buy more expensive, but fewer clothes, I would have more I’d like to wear. But really, regardless of spending $5 or $100 on something, it still looked lousy on me so I didn’t wear it. Cheap versus expensive was not the issue; it was not knowing what worked for me.
Hiring Scarlett, as my personal Image Curator, I love saying that, gave me the guidance to know what to wear, buy, where to find it, and she is amazing at finding deals on quality items!
I am continuing to learn as I try more things and see ‘wow, I really see what she means, this style does NOT work on me!’
The truth is, that I feel better when I am wearing my ‘Scarlett’ outfits.”

Jane Campbell

Jane Campbell

Back In Sorts Organizing Systems

“Thank you so much for my personal styling call. It was a blast, and I’ve told everybody I know about it!
I’ve gone what for me is completely nuts, buying many of the clothes you suggested I try. At first, I tried to find styles similar to your recommendations — I thought I could do it on my own! But I couldn’t! So I stopped wasting time and went back to the shopping links you sent me.
As you promised, this hasn’t been stressful for me for even one second. I am looking at everything and everybody with new eyes, and I do indeed hear your uplifting voice in my head.”

Victoria L. Londin

Victoria L. Londin

“Since you reviewed my clothes, created new outfits and took me shopping, I’m getting compliments like “I’m loving your whole new look and the colors you’re now wearing.”
So there u go, change can be good, lol.” 


Karen Herman

Organized Photos Forever

“Today was so productive AND you made it fun too! Thank you!  Now I look forward to getting dressed!   Before meeting with you, I second guessed what colors and styles were most flattering on me.  Now I just consult my color chart and the pictures you took and I’m dressed in a flash.”

Cynthia Graziano

Cynthia Graziano

Gray Wolf Consulting

“From GrayWolf Consulting, we had such a wonderful time when our team came to you as a teambuilding activity and to finally spend time on something we often overlook–the way we look to our clients! As professional consultants in the learning and development space, our work brings us in front of clients every day.
We need to send a message that we are professional and aware of how our impression impacts their staff, and their clients, too. Since we were with you 6 months ago, we have all stepped up in our visual resume. It is noticeable not only to each other but our clients.
Some of our bottom line increase in 2018 is because we are collectively presenting ourselves with a more put together and current look. This is all because of your good insight and supportive conversations with our team. We’ve been sharing stories of cleaning out our closets and wearing more put together outfits. We know you were responsible in helping us individually, and as a team, present our best selves.
Thanks Scarlett!”

Melissa Schulz

Melissa Schulz

I recently attended Scarlett’s Styling Workshop Event, and found it to be life changing. I am now armed with knowledge; like what colors to choose for me, what’s in style, where to shop, how to accentuate my best features and how to choose a few quality pieces to add to my wardrobe. I went home and was able to clean out my closets. I love how Scarlett believes that you can still be comfortable and look good. THANK YOU SCARLETT!

Judith T. Evans, Ed. D

Scarlett de Bease is a modern day Fairy Godmother, who is determined to make women look good, regardless of age, size or budget. Her suggestions are personalized and timeless. Her book, Stop Stressing about Dressing is a little gem and she brings a fresh perspective to the classic question, “What can I wear to look better, or better yet, my best!”


Julia Garlick

Asst Professor of Economics - University of Lowa

Thanks again for your advice! Our session was very useful, and some of the notes are now stuck on my closet door. You even found a stash of my favorite jeans that were discontinued years ago!

Holly Chantal

Holly Chantal

The Land Of Brand

“If you want a speaker with presence, humor, and information that your audience will thank you for, then Scarlett is who you’re looking for. Her wit is only matched by the deep insights she has into fashion and personal style. She empowers women to think differently about their “flaws” and feel fabulously confident, just by changing what they’re wearing. I’ve both worked with Scarlett as a client, and had her speak at my signature “Brand Your Awesome LIVE!” event, and I would hire her again in a heartbeat in both capacities.”

Scarlett DeBease - Wardrobe Stylist Showing Women What To Wear.