I help women look as put together on the outside
as they are inside.
When you work with me, your outfits will reflect your personality, power, and professionalism.

You’re not a Fashionista, but you do want to feel confident and stylish again. You’re tired of feeling insecure about how you look, but you’re not quite sure what to do about it...

I’m thrilled to welcome you to my community of women over 40 who are done with stressing about dressing and are ready to do something about it!

Here’s the thing… I’m not a Fashionista either. I’m a personal stylist and shopper and my passion is helping you love how you look with the body you have right now.

I work with women of all shapes and sizes both in-person and virtually. I can take you shopping or create a fabulous outfit from what you already own. And we have a whole lot of fun doing it!

You can explore my website to learn more about me and why I was named the Red Hot Image Maker by Westchester Magazine. But the best way to get to know me is to sign-up for my twice-monthly newsletter, Scarlett Says, for fun, practical style tips you can actually use!

When you do, I’ll share with you my fun 5-day video series — End Your Closet Shame.

That’s right, we’re going to work together to clean out your closet so you don’t feel overwhelmed, embarrassed, or stressed every morning when it’s time to get dressed. Who wants to start their day that way? I want you smiling as you head out your front door with places to go, people to meet, and things to do. Let’s do this!

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Personal Shopping
and Styling

Do you struggle figuring out what clothes are right for you?
Want to not have to think about what to wear?
It’s time for YOU to Stop Stressing About Dressing.

Here's how I'll help you Stop Stressing About Dressing

What Clients Say

“I hired Scarlett because I wanted to figure out a style (and associated clothing) that would work for me – casual yet professional. She met or exceeded my expectations by having a ton of options ready to go when I arrived, tirelessly chasing down different sizes, and frankly nailing combinations that would work for me right from the get-go. My favorite part was how effortless the whole process was – and how good and comfortable I feel in the resulting outfits. I call Scarlett an absolute expert in her field – and overall a miracle worker!”

Hannah B

“When I hired Scarlett, I finally committed to investing in myself, as I just wanted to stop feeling stuck or blah about what I was wearing. I was simply tired of feeling like I didn’t have the “right” things to wear. Scarlett helped me get rid of the clothes that were not serving me well and created a closet full of outfits I could wear. It was also really helpful to learn the key pieces that were missing from my wardrobe and how to best use my accessories.”

Nancy Sheed

“Thank you so much for a wonderful day! I learned so much – the best colors and jewelry tones for me, necklines, proportions, shopping tips, brands and so much more. Bringing clothes was so helpful and a great way to learn the best way to wear what we have and also learn from others. And I loved your gracious way of tack combined with clarity- that is an art! All of my questions were answered and you gave me clear direction with a sense of confidence and peace of mind going forward.”

Christina Larson

“Thank you so much, Scarlett. You are inspiring me to change my thinking about myself, and how I value myself (or not!) by the choices I make. I’m very grateful!”

Elizabeth Ennis

“Scarlett is my SECRET WEAPON for looking and feeling my best! When we work together, I wind up with cool new outfits that combine what I already own with a few key new pieces. We never spend a ton of money, yet I look like I have an enormous wardrobe. Scarlett has a knack for knowing what’s right for me & my body and she’s taught me so much. When I shop for myself now, I’m able to easily choose the right items. And if I have a question, she’s just a text away. I am a lifelong client!”

Lisa Corrado

“Thank you so much for your help today. I had fun working with you and look forward to my ‘New Look’.. plus my closet is so roomy now. Thanks for taking so much time with me and for being so patient. Someone is going to be very lucky when I take the rejects out of my house! After shopping with you, I am enjoying my new wardrobe and look forward to using your suggestions as I go along.”

Arlene Bubbico
About Scarlett

Find Your Style With Me

Hi, I’m Scarlett ….and I show women how to see themselves differently and always know what to wear. You know what? There is no such thing as a perfect body or look, and we just frustrate ourselves trying to look like someone we aren’t.

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