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The Sleeve Length You Shouldn’t Wear

Almost all women hate showing their arms…even when
it’s 100 degrees outside.

I can relate.

But don’t rush to wear any top just because it has sleeves.

Beware the half-sleeve.

This is one sleeve style that can be quite unflattering.  For starters, it has a major FRUMP producing look.

The Sleeve Length You Shouldn't Wear
The Sleeve Length You Shouldn’t Wear


These sleeves are too long or too short, depending upon how you look at it and unless your upper arms are very wide, this sleeve length will:

  1. Make your upper arms appear bigger than they actually are.
  2. Make your chest area look larger, from side to side which is soooooo not the goal of most women.
  3. Make you look older than you are.
  4. Make you look wider than you are.
  5. Make an outfit look a bit too casual and/or messy looking.

The Sleeve Length You Shouldn't Wear

When you know how little details make big improvements, getting dressed is so much less stressful.

Stay tuned for when my online course Dress Without Stress is available again on June 1st, 2019.

2 thoughts on “The Sleeve Length You Shouldn’t Wear”

  1. Thank you SOOOO much for this post! All of your posts are great but this one really resonated. Every time I buy a top with this sleeve length, I wonder why it doesn’t look right. Worse, it looks terrible. I could never put my finger on the problem. And now I know why! And I will never buy another top with this sleeve.

    Thank you!!!

    1. Yay Christina!! It the little details that can make or break an outfit and self-esteem too.
      Thank you for signing up for the Dress Without Stress waitlist. Details will be popping up in the spring…which can’t get here fast enough. 🙂

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