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Push Your Sleeves Up

How To Push Your Sleeves Up!

Push Your Sleeves Up

For all the women who have worked with me and/or attended my presentations, you know how much I say… “don’t forget to push your sleeves up.”


Because an outfit looks much, much better when you push your sleeves up.

Before I was known as the stylist who helps women stop stressing about dressing, I wanted to be known as the Push Your Sleeves Up Stylist…that’s how much I love the look of sleeves pushed up.

But sleeves don’t always cooperate, so check out this sleeve saving gadget.

It’s called CuffedUp, and it has me pumped up!

No more sleeves falling down, getting in your food or making short arms look even shorter.

AND you can use it on pants hem too!!!

Men will love CuffedUp too.

When your sleeves are pushed up, your outfit will look considerably more stylish and polished.

Plus it makes you look thinner and taller.

Don’t believe me? Just go in front of a mirror and push one sleeve up and you’ll
see exactly what I mean.

The video below shows how the CuffedUp works.

Use code crew10 for an extra 10% off.


If you think pushing your sleeves up is a great tip,
you’re going to love the ones you’ll get in
Dress Without Stress.

How many more years will you waste not knowing what to wear?



Dress Without Stress

Are You Staring Into Your Closet With Dread?

Only 24 Hours To Go – AKA Only One Day Left

Dress Without Stress

When it’s time to get out of your ‘comfy’ clothes, you know the ones that you hope you’ll never bump into anyone you know…

  • Do you find yourself staring into your closet debating whether or not to even bother opening its doors?
  • Do you find yourself wasting lots of time plus making a mess in your bedroom when you try to find clothes to put on that fit, look good in and are comfortable?
  • Do you have frustration and guilt about the money you’ve wasted on clothes you bought and don’t even wear?
  • Does it feel like it’s getting harder and harder for you to put together an outfit you want to actually be seen in?

If the thought of getting dressed is stressing you out, then I have a solution for you, DRESS WITHOUT STRESS – a self-study online video course with tons of my easy to follow, fun, style (and life) changing, thump on the head styling tips you wish you had known years ago.

If you’re wanting to know how to look fabulous and stop wasting money on clothes that don’t look great on you, then the Dress Without Stress video course will be gorgeous on and for you.

You’ll learn how to use each styling tip for your specific features: the good, the bad and the ones you’re not so thrilled with.

Only 24 Hours To Go – AKA Only One Day Left to get the secrets and tips that will get you from feeling frumpy to faaaabulous & stop wasting your energy and money on clothing mistakes.

All good things must come to an end, but it doesn’t have to end for you as long as you enroll by midnight on July 31, 2018.

This course will not be available again until July 2019. Do you really want another year to go by with feeling frustrated and discouraged when you put on clothes?

Get ALL the details here and know that with my tips and feedback, you will no longer get stressed when getting dressed.

Fill In The Blanks To Know How To Dress Without Stress


 Dress Without Stress

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to look at a simple piece of paper and see before you all the specific clothing style details you and only you should wear, as well as the ones you need to run far, far away from?

I mean like how great would it be if you could just fill in the blanks and voila, you have your own reference sheet to use when choosing what to wear and buy?

I know, I know pretty darn cool and dreamy, and now also totally possible because I created one for you to print out and use right away and you’ll find it below, but…

Ahhh…imagine how perfect it would be knowing, not guessing what you should be filling those blanks in with.

And that is why you really should check out Dress Without Stress, my online video course, because if you’re wanting to know how to look fabulous and stop wasting money on clothes that don’t look great on you, then the Dress Without Stress video course will be gorgeous on and for you.

You’ll be able to watch and learn from the videos I created for you anytime and place you want, and in less than four hours you’ll end years, yes years, of frustration, self-doubt, wasted money, missing parties, business opportunities and less than ideal self-esteem.

Oh and this is a big one, you have the option of getting a one-hour virtual personal styling session with me to answer all your questions and get my styling advice and…

Oh, wait there’s more… you’ll get my feedback and support in a private FaceBook group I created for participants.

Your cheat sheet is ready for you to download and print out here.

Now you have to decide to keep it blank or filled out with what you learned in Dress Without Stress.

Note: Enrollment closes on July 31.

Bet you’re wondering what does goat yoga have to do with Dress Without Stress?

Well, you too can feel this happy and silly when you’re not struggling and frustrated every time you get that blank stare looking at the clothes in your closet.

FYI: Goat yoga is a bit messy, just use your imagination, but after Dress Without Stress, your closet and mind won’t be.


Don't Get Burnt!

Don’t Get Burnt!

I’m a big believer in avoiding getting sunburned and aging your skin any faster than it naturally will. In other words…

Don’t Get Burnt!

I discovered a great line of stylish clothes, Coolibar, that have UPF 50+ built into the fabric to protect you from getting too much sun.

Yes, these clothes cost a bit more than regular ones, but avoiding sun damage and skin cancer is worth it, and in true ‘Scarlett’ fashion, you can take 25% off any already on sale items with code JUL25. I love saving you money!

CooliBar also makes UPF 50+ protecting clothes for men and children.

Don't Get BurntDon't Get Burnt



It sure does make for a better look, than wrapping yourself up like a Mummy as did the fabulous character Cam on the very funny TV show, Modern Family.

Don't Get Burnt

No sun for Cam on Modern Family’s Season 9 Premiere, as he was on an antibiotic that would cause him to sunburn easily.

Don’t forget to also protect your face EVERY day of the year with sunblock.

Try my tip: Mix suntan lotion with your foundation and you’ll have a customized SPF protection product.

Don't Get Burnt

Want to spend 4 hours this summer ending your “I have nothing to wear” hell??
Of course, you do, and that’s why I created Dress Without Stress– a self-study online video course with tons of my easy to follow, fun, style (and life) changing, thump on the head styling tips you wish you had known years ago.

All you need is a mirror, sense of humor, and the goal of no longer getting stressed, frustrated and miserable when you try to find something to wear that will make you look great and love who you see in the mirror.

You’ll learn how to use each styling tip for your specific features: the good, the bad and the ones you’re not so thrilled with.

Dress Without Stress Starts July 16, 2018, so you can spend the lazy hazy days of summer getting yourself ready to sizzle with style.

Enroll HERE.

dress without stress

Mary, Not Her Real Name, Wasn’t Happy

Mary passed the mirror in her hallway and was startled when she caught a glimpse of her reflection…OMG.

What happened to her body?
How did her middle get so much bigger?
When did her body parts shift?
Why do her clothes no longer fit the way they used to?
Where are the clothes she needs to hide her lumps and bumps?
Why can’t she find anything in the stores that look good on her?

She wondered if she should just take that mirror down, but instead decided to immediately go on a diet and lose those pounds that sneaked up on her when she wasn’t looking. Problem solved?

Then 3, 4, 5…20  years later she now weighed more and had developed a great fondness for leggings and an all-black wardrobe.

The trouble was, that really didn’t work for when she had to attend a networking event, accept invitations to events, speak, or meet a potential client.

Panic would set at the moment she needed to leave her home office, and she often found herself turning down invitations that required her to get out from behind the computer.

dress without stress

Speaking of her computer, she now had developed a very unhealthy relationship with it and was finding it hard to step away from. Although unlike herself, it never judged how she was dressed, looked and felt.

Mary had some thinking to do.

She has her own business and started to realize that how she looked and felt about her very own bottom, was hurting her bottom line, and taking a serious toll on her dwindling self-confidence.

She had no idea how to dress her body or what to wear to make her look as successful and capable as she had been working so hard to be. Finally and with great relief, Mary decided she was ready to accept the body she has and finally get the help she needs to find out how to dress it.

She was ready to wear clothes with zippers and buttons, get out of the house, reduce her I’ll just stay in my legging days, and look at her reflection with confidence and a smile.

UPDATE: She turned quite a few heads the next time she went out and all her lumps and bumps were quite stylishly hidden, all because she found out how to Dress Without Stress. 

Now It’s YOUR Turn !!!

Are you ready to get out of your leggings, wear some color, look and feel stylish, and learn what will look good on you?

Enroll in Dress Without Stress, to get the tools you need to be able to choose an outfit without getting frustrated or stressed out and get my personalized feedback. You won’t have to do this alone.

I would love to help you Dress Without Stress..it’s totally possible
you deserve it.

If You Enroll by July 1st, you’ll get a 1-Hour Personal styling call with me for free.

Get all the details on Dress Without Stress & sign up right here.

It all begins on July 16…

and then You’ll also be saying…

“Oh, my goodness. That was fun. I feel like I just lost 20 pounds.It’s like I was given permission to let go of past things that just didn’t work. Past ideas and even goals that literally just don’t fit me anymore. Thank you so much for your help. So much I never knew or even thought about!!!”  Lisa Tancredi

“I discovered Scarlett through a mutual friend whose ensemble was stunning. I had to ask “who” she was wearing. She passed me Scarlett’s name, and what I got from our engagement was so much more than a few beautiful dress recommendations. She empowered me with the knowledge of the right colors and silhouettes for my coloring and shape. I’ve received piles of compliments on the items we both chose using her guidance. She gave me a tool I will have for the rest of my life. Working with Scarlett is an investment not only in your closet but your confidence as well!” Lea Pica

“Thanks to your course I learned how to NOT draw the wrong attention to my backside, and for teaching me soooo much that I never knew about dressing.” Dr. Pamela Hoffman

dress without stress