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When you invest in yourself, it will make others want to invest in you!

Hiring a stylist may seem like a luxury at first glance - until you realize the effect of what you’re wearing has on your business.

We all know the old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover”, yet that is exactly what we all do every single day. As soon as someone lays eyes on you, they are making assumptions about how successful you are, how knowledgeable you are, whether you’re their kind of person, and ultimately if they’re going to hire you.

As business owners, we spend all kinds of money on marketing, logos, websites yet we don’t even think about our own image and how we show up in our business. This is ludicrous!

If you’re a speaker, a coach, an author, or any service provider where you represent the face of your brand, you need to look the part.

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Your look can make a huge difference in your brand image.

Not only that but how you’re dressed also affects how you feel about yourself and your level of confidence. When you are insecure about how you look, you’re less likely to go after the opportunities that are waiting for you.

To be fair, many business owners work at home and are in front of a computer for much of the day. So we don’t even think about our clothes until it comes time to step out and attending a networking event, or meeting a client. Then the panic sets in because let’s face it, your leggings don’t really scream “professional” and the clothes in your closet just don’t look as good as you thought they did when you bought them.

You’re not alone, I haven’t met a woman yet that didn’t have image issues. Whether you’re a size 2 or a size 20 chances are you aren’t completely happy with how you look. I take pride in my ability to dress anyone and make them feel absolutely amazing - no matter what “flaws” they think they have.

Guess what? Hiring a stylist is probably not as expensive as you might

Especially when you take into account how much money you’re spending elsewhere in your marketing.

What good is a new website, if you don’t want to go out and be seen by prospective or current clients? How long are you going to put off video marketing or even speaking engagements because you’re not happy with how you look?

I’ve never had a client whose business didn’t grow after working with me.

Whether you are local to Westchester NY or live halfway around the world I can help you step up your personal image and represent your brand in a whole new way.

I use a combination of clothes you already have in your closet, and items hand selected by me that that will suit your body shape, coloring, and personal style.

I will make you look and feel great no matter what insecurities you have, or how much you hate shopping.

When we’re done you’ll have a whole new wardrobe (usually without buying all new clothes believe it or not!), and you’ll know exactly what types of cuts, colors, and styles to look for and avoid going forward.

You’ll no longer stress about dressing, and when it’s time to step out whether you’re going to the supermarket or a speaking engagement all you have to do is open your closet and grab something to wear (because it all looks great on you).

Here are a few telltale signs that you need me in your life:

You have lots of price tags in your closet from clothes you bought but have never actually worn.

When heading to an event you give yourself a little fashion show and end up so disappointed that you consider not going.

You’re hanging on to old clothes you used to love in the hopes that someday you’ll “fit into them again”.

You feel like shopping is an ordeal that you’d rather not have to deal with.

The idea of being able to open your closet and just pick something to wear knowing you’ll look fabulous and on-brand makes you want to let out a huge sigh of relief.

Sounds like you? Then we should talk. Sign Up for a complimentary consultation and let’s see if we’d be a good fit for working together.

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