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How To Create An Organized Closet – It’s FREE

Oh no, the closet guide can now only be accessed for those who participate in Dress Without Stress, a once a year self-study online video course with tons of my easy to follow, fun, style (and life) changing, thump on the head styling tips you wish you had known years ago.
DRESS WITHOUT STRESS IS SOLD OUT  UNTIL JULY 2019. If you want to jump on the waiting list for first dibs, please send me an email to with subject line: I’m Stressed When I Dress!

Meanwhile you can get many FREE tips when you go to, and click on Start Here in the menu on the upper right side.
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About Scarlett


Scarlett, founder of the Always Know What To Wear(TM) Program, is a professional image consultant, wardrobe stylist and personal shopper. She has changed the lives of hundreds of women by showing them how to look younger, thinner and taller. Scarlett’s clients have newly discovered confidence in their appearance and now can walk into a room feeling successful, powerful and attractive because Scarlett does not give up until she finds what will make her clients feel great about their appearance with kindness, compassion and genuine respect for their needs and feelings. No matter how hopeless a new client may feel, Scarlett’s endless determination enables her to always find the clothes that will turn her from feeling frumpy to truly fabulous. Whether she is a size 2 or 20, Scarlett is able to create a wardrobe for them that will make them look and feel confident, professional and stylish. Scarlett is a wife and mother of two beautiful children. Her son has intractable epilepsy, which caused Scarlett to become a big fan and supporter of C.U.R.E, an organization dedicated to researching for a cure to epilepsy. Scarlett is passionate about helping her own son and others struggling with epilepsy to live independently. She uses this determination in all other aspects of her life as well. Scarlett makes sure that she laughs every day and brings humor to her personal as well her professional life. There is so much to be thankful for, and she never forgets that often neglected fact.

“I work with the woman who keeps buying clothes but still has nothing to wear. She is tired of wasting her time and money on clothes that don’t fit and don’t mirror her sharp personality. She typically hates to shop, as she finds it a frustrating and depressing experience. Often her body has changed and she is not sure what sizes, styles or colors would look good on her. She feels trapped between wanting to look great and not knowing how to make it a reality. She’s usually very successful in what she does but not quite sure how to make her brilliance shine through on the outside. She understands the importance of having her image reflect her success in a professional and stylish manner, but needs help to make it happen. All of the women I work with are eager to finally like what they see in the mirror and stop worrying about their appearance. After working with me their confidence and businesses grow, as they are now walking into a room with an image of being current, stylish, and professional. As a special bonus all my clients end up looking younger, thinner and taller.” –Scarlett De Bease


Scarlett DeBease - Wardrobe Stylist Showing Women What To Wear.