Wardrobe Stylist Tells You What To Wear

Hotline Wardrobe Style Consultation

Wish you could pick up the phone and ask, “What should I wear?

Well, now you can.

In one hour, you will get solutions to any or all of the following dilemmas that you may be experiencing.


How do I add some pizazz to my outfits?

What style of clothes should I be wearing and buying?

What do I wear to project a professional image?

What should I wear for a special event?

How should I dress for a speaking event?

How can my wardrobe help me attract more clients?

What should I pack for my business trip?

I’m ready to start dating, but what should I wear?


Have questions not listed here? No problem. Register for your Hotline Consultation call and tell Scarlett what wardrobe problems you want her advice on.

After registering for your Hotline Consultation, you will receive a brief questionnaire via email, along with a request for a few photos. All this information will help Scarlett determine what will look best on you. During your call, she will give you recommendations on what colors, style of clothes and accessories are best for you.

Once your photos and completed questionnaire are received, you will be able to schedule your telephone Hotline Consultation with Scarlett.


Isn’t it time you made the call?

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After having a virtual meeting with Scarlett, I began to feel like a new person.
During our talk she commented on pictures of outfits I have worn which
helped take my look in a new direction. Her suggested outfits made me feel taller and thinner. A day didn’t go by without someone complimenting me on how great I looked. Sometimes people looked at me and said that I looked so great but they couldn’t put their finger on what made me look different.
S. Baer
Stamford, CT




Other Services Include:
Personal Makeovers Seminars and Workshops

Wardrobe Stylist Hotline Style Consultation