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Fashion Styling Tips No One Tells You and More

I thought it would be fun for you to not have to read or watch anything, and instead sit back and listen while you have your morning
coffee, apply makeup, or cook a meal.
I was a recent guest on a brand new podcast called Magnificent Aging podcast hosted by professional organizer Deirdre Dolan Nesline.
In this podcast you’re going to not feel so alone and learn a few tips you won’t get in a magazine or on TV.

Here are a few things you’ll learn from this interview:

  • How to figure out what’s right for your dressing style
  • The process of letting go and keeping what looks incredible on you
  • Scarlett helps people create great outfits and get rid of items that no longer work for you.
  • Her BIG secret to shopping and releasing emotion regarding what to wear as we age
  • Who are you dressing for?
  • Are color charts still relevant?
  • Trends-why be part of a pack?
  • Lots and lots of ideas including money-saving tips.
So sit back, and get ready to see your clothes in a whole new way.
I take that back…get ready to see your clothes in a bunch of whole new ways.

PS The End Your Closet Shame is over but you can still get my help to show you how to always know what to wear when you click here.

Ready To Breakup & End Your Closet Shame?


end your Closet Shame

Now that you got to see me fall in love with being in a closet full of clothes, I want to help you fall in love with yours…but first, you may have to start a break up to End Your Closet Shame.

Haven’t you occasionally wondered why it’s so hard for you to say it’s over to the clothes that haven’t treated you right?

  • Do you have pants that are doing you wrong; yet you can’t say goodbye?

  • How about that jacket that hasn’t given you a loving feeling in years?

  • Hanging onto shoes that are holding you too tight, yet you can’t seem to get rid of that heel?

I’ll show you how to let go of the clothes you shouldn’t be holding onto so you’ll see that breaking up won’t be hard or messy to do.

The 5 Day Spring Cleaning Closet Plan starts on May 20, 2019, and it’s Free! 


Everybody loves FREE and every woman wants to love what’s in her closet.

 You’ll get a tip per day for 5 days.


Enter your email below to End Your Closet Shame In 5 Days:

Your first break up tip to end your closet shame will be in your inbox on May 20.

And don’t forget… I’m here for you.


Does This Looks Good On Me?

Instead of my giving you a styling tip I’m asking for

YOUR opinion on something I’ve added to my
online closet…well actually my website.

I’ve worked with many women virtually but found, by simply asking, that many more didn’t even know that I offer virtual wardrobe styling.

That’s my mistake, and I’m here to fix it, so…

I’ve made a few changes to my website, but most importantly I finally added an actual page describing my Virtual Wardrobe Styling service and I would love to know how you think it looks on me. Okay, I mean on my website.

Would you please take a look and let me know if:

It’s easy to understand?
Sounds enticing?
Have any suggestions?
Makes my butt look fat?  I’m just checking to see how far down you read.

Any questions or comments?
Please make a comment below, give me a ringy dingy at 914 441 0756,
or send an email.
Your feedback is very important to me.

virtual wardrobe styling



The Sleeve Length You Shouldn’t Wear


Almost all women hate showing their arms…even when
it’s 100 degrees outside.

I can relate.

But don’t rush to wear any top just because it has sleeves.

Beware the half-sleeve.

This is one sleeve style that can be quite unflattering.  For starters, it has a major FRUMP producing look.

The Sleeve Length You Shouldn't Wear

The Sleeve Length You Shouldn’t Wear


These sleeves are too long or too short, depending upon how you look at it and unless your upper arms are very wide, this sleeve length will:

  1. Make your upper arms appear bigger than they actually are.
  2. Make your chest area look larger, from side to side which is soooooo not the goal of most women.
  3. Make you look older than you are.
  4. Make you look wider than you are.
  5. Make an outfit look a bit too casual and/or messy looking.

When you know how little details make big improvements, getting dressed is so much less stressful.

My online course Dress Without Stress is available. Click here to learn more.

Subscribe to Scarlett Says – my free twice-monthly newsletter for women who want to stop stressing about dressing, and I’ll send you my free End Your Closet Shame 5 Day Video Guide.

Tips To Know Which Boot Style To Wear

Tips To Know Which Boot Style To Wear

Tips To Know Which Boot Style To Wear

Boots can be warm.
Boots can be cool.
Boots are comfortable.
Boots are stylish.
Boots can elevate an outfit.

But, the wrong style boot will ruin your styling efforts.


Here are some boots do’s and don’ts.

If you are less than 5’2 or have wide calves, do not wear mid-calf boots because…

When a boot hits at the widest part of your lower leg it will visually make it look wider and your legs look shorter.


I couldn’t find a photo showing how bad this can often look, as retailer’s websites won’t display wide calves with mid-calf boots, but this look is often seen with Ugg mid-calf boots.

Tips To Know Which Boot Style To Wear

Most women want to look leaner and taller, so mid-calf boots are not our friend.

If you have wide calves…

Use search filters when online shopping for wide calf boots and look for boots with stretch fabrics versus all leather.


If you can’t find knee-hi boots to fit your calves, then I strongly suggest trying wearing ankle boots. I live in these style booties and they tend to visually lengthen and thin out legs.

This pair by Blondo, are waterproof and very similar to a few that I own.

Tips To Know Which Boot Style To Wear

If you’re petite in height and don’t have wide calves, then go for knee hi boots as another option.

Tips To Know Which Boot Style To Wear

Above all…Remember, these boots are made for walking.


Size Shaming

No More Size Shaming!

Let’s Shout Out loud – Stop Size Shaming!!

I apologize in advance if I seem a bit angry in this video.

If you have any size shaming stories to tell, please put them in the comments below, and let’s unite to stop the madness!

Pssst…Overheard In The Dressing Room

I’ve helped many women find the perfect dress to wear to their son or daughter’s wedding, and now that our daughter recently got engaged, soon it will be time to find a dress for myself. No pressure! Ha!

Here is her engagement photo, taken after saying YES!! And we’re so happy she found a great guy and a very cute dog too.

Size Shaming

How To Make Wrinkles Less Noticeable

Yeah, you can try creams, procedures, injections to make wrinkles less noticeable…


You can use my tips in the video below to make the skin on your face look smoother, in a matter of minutes.

Pssst…Overheard In The Dressing Room

Our hands are a give-a-way to our age, so here is a tip my friend told me her fancy dermatologist gave her:

Apply sunscreen with zinc just like a hand-screen. Keep it in your car, as your hands on the steering wheel get lots of sun without you even realizing it.

Here’s the one I use.

How To Make Wrinkles Less Noticeable

No Matter What Shape Or Size You Are, You Can Wear These

No Matter What Shape Or Size You Are, You Can Wear These

Be sure to read thru to get a new resource for affordable and interesting jewelry that I traveled thousands of miles to find.


No Matter What Shape Or Size You Are, You Can Wear These

You know how sometimes, okay many times, you have clothes that used to fit or are a bit snug and gathering dust in your closet waiting for another chance?

I certainly know that feeling, and it really stinks that the size we wear is likely not the same as it was a few, or many, years ago.

The good news is that there are some very important one size fits all things we can wear no matter what shape or size we may be.

Even though you already know them, be sure to choose interesting and flattering versions.

  1. Earrings – see the link below for inspiration.
  2. Necklaces – ditto regarding the below link.
  3. Scarves – Nordstrom, TJMax, and Marshalls have great selections.
  4. Shoes – get a few pairs that are more stylish than basic. Comfortable no longer means ugly.
  5. Handbags – get a bag in a fun color or print & stop wearing the bag that is worn down and dare I say, boring.
  6. Eyeglasses and/or sunglasses – in colors and shapes that compliment your facial features and outfits. See the great resource for those in the New Jersey area.

I mean let’s think about the following:
Waists tend to go out and in.
Size tends to go up and down.

But….the list above will still fit you with very, very few exceptions.

Below are a few new resources I found for you to take a look at.

No Matter What Shape Or Size You Are, You Can Wear These

I was seeking shelter during a typical brief rainstorm while exploring London, so I stepped inside the inviting store Oliver Bonas. They had tons of interesting jewelry that looks much more expensive than it is, and when I got home I discovered that they provide the option to buy their designs here in the U.S. via their website.

No Matter What Shape Or Size You Are, You Can Wear These

Below you can see me wearing the $38 necklace I bought and immediately wore. Since I stick to certain colors, it matched all the clothes I had packed for my trip to Europe.

P.S. When I showed it to my in the garment business husband, he thought it cost more than $100! BINGO!

No Matter What Shape Or Size You Are, You Can Wear These

Another great resource that one of my lovely clients introduced me to, is
Private Eyewear.  They are based in New Jersey and depending on where you live or work, will come to you and help you select frames that flatter your face shape, features, and personal style.

Glasses are on our faces, so don’t lose sight, pun intended, on how important they are to your outfits and personal style.

There is one more surprise one size fits all accessory…


Confidence looks great on all and makes anyone who wears it, feel strong, brave, and ready for new challenges. The word even comes up quite often in testimonials.

See below for confidence Exhibit A.


No Matter What Shape Or Size You Are, You Can Wear These

Thank you, Scarlett, for helping me let go of the stress of dressing.  You really helped me gain control. Most of all, thank you for the CONFIDENCE that you instilled. Dressing will be much more fun!  Cindi Melkerson

Pssst…Overheard In The Dressing Room

I’m often asked: How do travel with only a carry-on. How do you do it?
Well, one of my tricks is that I take mini sizes of almost all toiletries and makeup.
One trick is that I put my foundation in a vial that was a sample from another product. It easily holds enough for a week.
But another is that I buy from vs. in the store itself because they offer great samples with online orders. These sample sizes and the mini products you get with their membership point system are fantastic.

Hair products, lipsticks, moisturizers, cleansers, etc are in tiny sizes and take up much less room than their full-size counterparts.

No Matter What Shape Or Size You Are, You Can Wear TheseNo Matter What Shape Or Size You Are, You Can Wear These

Bon voyage.


What Is A Flip-Flop Sock?

What Is A Flip-Flop Sock?

Goodbye sandals.


October starts a sad time for me, although only until May.

This is the time I have to say goodbye to showing my toes. Not because I need a pedicure, well not yet, but because the temps dip just below 60 degrees and shudders, I wear shoes instead of sandals.

Frankly, I never handle this footwear change very well.

The good news is that it will be back in the ’70s again, and I’ll be back in sandals in no time flat. Actually, I really will be in flats so that my feet will not only be free but also comfy…

But I can promise you won’t be seeing me trying to convert flip-flops into year-long appropriate shoes with flip-flop socks.

Bet you’re asking what is a flip-flop sock?

Well, if you can’t pull yourself away from wearing flip-flops during colder days, these socks just might be what you’re looking for.

What Is A Flip-Flop Sock

Tip: These flip-flop socks are great for when you get a pedicure on cold weather days and that’s the only time I might possibly wear them.

WARNING: Wearing flip-flop type sandals too often is actually bad for your feet. Here is an article to back me up on this.

The website Scary Mommy inspired me to write this post. They come out with some funny stuff on a regular basis. Their name says it all.

Pssst…Overheard In The Dressing Room

“Thank you so much for my personal styling call. It was a blast, and I’ve told everybody I know about it!
I’ve gone what for me is completely nuts, buying many of the clothes you suggested I try. At first, I tried to find styles similar to your recommendations — I thought I could do it on my own! But I couldn’t! So I stopped wasting time and went back to the shopping links you sent me.
As you promised, this hasn’t been stressful for me for even one second. I am looking at everything and everybody with new eyes, and I do indeed hear your uplifting voice in my head.” Jane Campbell Back In Sorts Organizing Systems