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What Does Working Virtually Mean?

What Does Working Virtually Mean?

Say what????

Everyone in your meeting sees how you show up.

I’m watching you & am here to help.

Some people told me- “Your business must not be doing well these days.”

I replied – Umm, actually the opposite is true because I’ve been working virtually for years.
No ‘pivot’ was needed.

March wasn’t pretty for anyone.

In mid-March, I was glued to the TV in my bathrobe pretty much all day and night.  However before the month was over I got dressed every morning, put on makeup pretty much every day, and went back to doing what I do best – helping women always know what to wear.
Yes, even during a pandemic.

What you wear even when you rarely leave the house matters. It matters a lot.

Wearing t-shirts and PJ bottoms with beds or kitchens in the background while being on Zoom or Skype doesn’t scream out authority, talent, ability, or confidence. And turning off your camera says either you don’t care enough to show up or worse, you don’t have confidence in yourself.

It isn’t the way to get new and better clients.

It isn’t a way to make more money.

It certainly isn’t the way to improve your mood or waistline. 😬

The way you show up on a Zoom meeting depicts how you show up
to your clients and management.

What Does Working Virtually Mean?

Everyone in your meeting sees how you show up.

The business world rapidly got a lot more competitive and for the women who wanted to grow their business and self-esteem, they had the below to help them succeed.

Here are the ways I’ve been working virtually 100%.

I first offered on-line personal shopping to my existing clients 6 years ago.

About 5 1/2 years ago I added virtual personal styling with or without online shopping.

4 years ago a client urged me to create  Scarlett On Call which is only for the women who’ve already worked with me.

3 years ago I created a great online video course called Dress Without Stress.

I had four sold-out Virtual Styling Workshops.

Executive team leaders hired me to show their teams how to look and feel their best, which I call getting Zoom-a-fied, so they look as professional in a virtual meeting as they previously did in person.

I virtually helped one client pack for a 2-week city and country style trip.

Another client asked me to help her decide which clothes to take with her on her move from one state and lifestyle to another. Why move what you won’t need or wear?

Others wanted what to wear, makeup, lighting, and background tips for looking great on Zoom.

I created a new 4-month program called Clothes The Deal that includes all of the above, but I haven’t made it public yet.

I’m here to help you too.

Pick a time HERE for you to have a 20 minute free Stop Stressing About Dressing call with me, and I’ll help you identify one of the reasons you struggle figuring out what to wear.


“Thank you for helping settle me down. Lots of upheavals, but grounding to know what to wear.”  – Jane Pollak

“Scarlett gave me makeup tips, we put together Zoom ready outfits and she picked the best virtual background along with lighting and other suggestions. It was fun and so helpful.  
Later that day I was in a Zoom meeting and one of the attendees said that I looked great and they loved the virtual background. Since then I’ve received many additional compliments.” – Christina Larson

“I hired Scarlett because I wanted to figure out a style that would work for me – casual yet professional. She met or exceeded my expectations by having a ton of options ready to go when I arrived, tirelessly chasing down different sizes, and frankly nailing combinations that would work for me right from the get-go. My favorite part was how effortless the whole process was – and how good and comfortable I feel in the resulting outfits. I call Scarlett an absolute expert in her field – and overall a miracle worker!”  – Hanah Brooks

“I writing this email to let you know the effects of your presence are long-lasting. Several times this week I have consulted the photo album of different styles you created for me and I have thanked you often… for making my life so easy, in knowing what to wear, and to be able to “dress without the stress”.  It was well worth it, and a very wise investment.  Thank you, again for doing what you do!” – Sandra Sergeant

Pick a time HERE for you to have a 20 minute free Stop Stressing About Dressing call with me, and I’ll help you identify one of the reasons you struggle figuring out what to wear.


How You Dress Will Keep You From Feeling Like This Too

How you dress

How you dress changes your business and life.

“I don’t want to look like a Shlump!”

That’s what not 1, or 2, but 3 women have told me in just the last two weeks. After 3 plus months of quarantine, they have gotten a bit too relaxed and see that their laid back personal image is causing their business and psyche to suffer.

Think about it…Nobody wants to work with me if I show up dressed like a “shlump” either on-line or in person. Nobody!

Nobody wants to hire a life or business coach if they’re dressed like a gardener because that won’t convince you they can help grow your life and business.

Nobody wants to hire a financial advisor if they’re wearing outdated or ill-fitting clothes and look like they’re short on cash.

Get my drift? How you dress will either help or hurt you.

So … if you’re ready to take the next leap in your business (but your wardrobe isn’t exactly screaming authority) lets chat and we can get started on a style that matches your talent.

How You Dress

“Scarlett is a brilliant Image Stylist. She understands not only what looks good on her clients but how those clothes interact with daily life and can be an extension of your brand. What she saved me in knowing where to find the great sales (and when to pay full price) covered her fee alone. Even if that wasn’t the case she would be worth every penny. I highly recommend Scarlett!” – Patty Lennon






YOU are still being seen on-screen if not in person. Maybe only from the waist up, but that doesn’t mean you should only put in 50% effort to look and feel your best.

Do you think you’re ever judged by what you wear?

If your answer is yes, or I don’t know – we need to talk.

I have 6 spots left in July for you to have a
Always Know What To Wear call with me.

Go here to pick your time for your FREE 20-minute call. 

If you’re a woman business owner, I’m really looking forward to showing you how to attract more and better clients.

If you’re a woman looking to go from feeling frumpy, aka “shlumpy”, I’m really looking forward to showing you what to wear for the body, life, and dreams you have now.

How You Dress

“I finally committed to investing in myself, as I just wanted to stop feeling stuck or blah about what I was wearing. I was simply tired of feeling like I didn’t have the “right” things to wear. Scarlett helped me get rid of the clothes that were not serving me well and created a closet full of outfits I could wear. It was also really helpful to learn the key pieces that were missing from my wardrobe and how to best use my accessories.” – Nancy Sheed

My 3 Most Watched Videos On YouTube


Most Watched Videos On YouTube

The temperature is in the sizzling range for most of the country, so I thought you’d enjoy three of my ‘hottest’ videos on YouTube.

Oh, come on, I mean my most-watched videos on YouTube.



I have a few times left in July for you to have a FREE
Always Know What To Wear call with me.

Go here to pick your time for your free 20-minute call. 

I’m really looking forward to showing you how to always know what to wear.




Make Money Consigning Your Clothes

Make Money Consigning Your Clothes


Make Money Consigning Your Clothes

Make Money Consigning Your Clothes



You have hundreds to thousands of dollars sitting in your clothes closet.

Ever ask yourself how much of those dollars you actually wear?

Scary, right?



Very often new or long-time clients want to learn how to pick out clothes they won’t be sorry they bought plus get help to say either see ya, so long, bye-bye, nice knowing you, doesn’t bring me joy, I’ll never wear it, it’ll never fit again, or ________________________. You can fill in the blank.

Here I am, below, telling you about 2 clients who made money from clothes they either didn’t or shouldn’t wear.

The very fun, very OMG now I know why that dress, top, necklace, scarf, you name it, doesn’t look good on me Virtual Personal Styling Workshop has just 2 virtual seats left.

Get one of those last spots here. Going once, going twice, gone!


National Fudge Day

June 16 Is National Fudge Day

National Fudge Day

Can You Find Me?

JUNE 16 Is National Fudge Day and according to legend, a confectioner messed up while trying to make caramel, and ended up creating… FUDGE.

My difficult to share fudge story is below. Proof that a mistake can result in something good.

It Happened In Paris.

I used to dress in a way that made me look like a plain-Jane and often disappear in a room. 

On my last day of training in Paris for the skincare company I worked for, my boss invited me to join him and others later that night at the disco he frequented.

I was so excited, but what did I know about discos in Paris or really anywhere?


I was clueless as to what one wears and thought to wear the mousy outfit I wore that day would be perfectly fine.

It wasn’t.

Later that day, after a nap I was in my hotel getting ready for what I was sure would be an incredible night of fun.

I redid my makeup, fluffed up my hair, and put back on my mousy brown skirt with matching top, buttoned up with a bow to my chin, and freaking sensible sandals!!

Ugh! I was in my 20’s and was dressed like my friend’s grandmother and I didn’t even know it.


So when I walked into that club totally believing it was going to be a great night out as the guest of a wealthy Parisian, I thought I had arrived!

I walked into the club and immediately realized I was not going to fit in. It didn’t matter that I was barely 23 and nature was still on my side.

All around me were gorgeous tall, thin, and sexy women. Most were models from all over the world including America and compared to them I felt and looked like an ‘Ugly American’.

Double FUDGE!

So I sat there drinking and shrinking into my seat. Nobody was asking me to dance and each time a goddess walked by, tilting her head, laughing and looking fantastic in just jeans, cowboy boots, and a t-shirt, I could swear I was getting shorter, wider, and even more invisible.

But it turns out I wasn’t invisible after all. All of a sudden a man rushes up to me and lifts me out of my seat holding me up in the air and then places me on a high bar table. As everyone started to stare and laugh he put his head under my skirt and now the entire room was hysterically laughing at how he was mocking me.

I don’t know how, but I remember grabbing my skirt around me and jumping off that high table. Guess those sensible sandals came in handy after all.

He, and it seemed like the whole room, was laughing at me and it wasn’t my imagination -they were, and I was no longer feeling invisible. It was awful.

Turns out that jerk was a very well known socialite in Europe and known for being a sleazy guy. But that didn’t make the humiliation go away.

I told no one about this for at least twenty years, but…

I vowed to never again be made to feel insecure and unattractive again.

Not knowing what to wear was humiliating & I told myself NEVER again.

I was determined to learn how to dress better even on my limited budget. I learned what colors were best on me and stopped buying lots of clothes because they were a bargain. Instead, I only bought clothes that made me look and feel confident, successful, and strong instead of weak and invisible. 

Years later I told my story to a client who happened to be a business coach, and she helped me realize that now I help women never feel like I once did. That horrible night has given me a very fulfilling career.

As Oprah says, what I know for sure is that…

Feeling insecure, uncomfortable, & self-conscious is not acceptable to me and shouldn’t be to you either. Been there done that.

Note: The photo above was taken the morning after my disco disaster, hence my miserable expression. Unbelievably I was wearing yet another mousy bow tie top and matching skirt. FUDGE!!!!!

P.S. I created 2 more Personal Styling Workshops conducted virtually for you to learn what you should wear to feel and look current, comfortable, and confident no matter your budget or size.

Go here to save your seat.

National Fudge Day

Can Clothes Come Back In Style?

Come on, you know you’ve wondered if you held on long enough to something in your closet it will come ‘back in style.’

And many times things do come back in style…kinda. Because nothing comes back exactly as it was before, and often we can’t wear it the way it’s being shown now.

The clothes you may have been holding onto while wondering can clothes come back in style, simply don’t look as great as you imagined for a few reasons. Check out examples A and B for why not.

Example A – Leather Jackets

Can Clothes Come Back In Style?

Can Clothes Come Back In Style?

  1. Unless you’re going to wear high heels, very skinny-legged pants with a shirt tucked in, your old leather jacket will not duplicate this outfit.
    Also, notice how the hem of this jacket is very curved? That great detail not only modernizes a leather jacket but also makes our middles look smaller. Who wouldn’t want that?
    I bet your boxy shaped leather jacket from 20 years ago has square-cornered hems, like this one currently for sale on eBay. Please do not place a bid. 😳Can Clothes Come Back In Style?

Example B -1970’s plaids, bow-tie blouses, tailored jackets, etc.

Can Clothes Come Back In Style?

Can Clothes Come Back In Style?

Can Clothes Come Back In Style?

  1. If you were to put on your 1970’s plaid jacket with a matching skirt with a giant-sized bow on your blouse, how do you think it’ll look?
    Current or OMG?
    So here’s my theory: If we wear something that has been sitting in our closet for 20 plus years and put it on now being 20 plus years older, we’ll simply look like we’re wearing old clothes which then makes us look older and appear stuck in the past. That never makes us look stylish or on-trend.

Recently a woman in one of my virtual styling workshops wanted my opinion on some pretty vintage cocktail dresses that belonged to her mother. Often vintage or unique pieces can be worn today with more current pieces and accessories. This is tricky but lots of fun…well to me it is. I gave suggestions as to how to wear them today by not wearing the matching boxy jacket and now she, like the rest of us, is looking forward to a great big party.

Virtual Personal Styling Workshop

                                                            Virtual Styling Workshop Participants

Want my opinion on what you have in your closet?
Need to know how to hide any weight gain?
Love to know what colors to wear with the hair
and skin coloring you have now?
Be able to ask me anything about what YOU should
and shouldn’t wear?
Finally, find out why you struggle with not knowing what to wear or buy and fix it.

       Hurry Up & Click Here to find out how to save YOUR seat. Can Clothes Come Back In Style?



How to create outfits

An Invitation & Replay Of How To Create Outfits

Hello Gorgeous.

How To Create Outfits

You are cordially invited to a very stylish and gorgeous experience:

A virtual personal wardrobe Styling Workshop.

Join me in a virtual workshop for only up to 4 women who like you are tired of wasting their money on clothes they either don’t wear or like.

For less than the price of a latte a day, you’ll learn how to save a lot of money and aggravation.

…you’ll experience a fun and styling tips filled 2-hour virtual Styling Workshop.

For a limited time, I’m offering this virtual workshop at a special price: $97. That’s it.

So…Will You Play Dress-Up With Me?

NOTE: The 5/19 workshop is SOLD OUT!

Hurry up to get one of the few spots I’m offering right OVER HERE.

PS. Here’s the replay of my presentation: How To Create Outfits Using The Clothes You Own.

Remember that the little changes are what make the BIG difference.



How To Cover Grey Roots During Coronavirus

How To Cover Grey Roots During Coronavirus

How To Cover Grey Roots During Coronavirus

How To Cover Grey Roots During Coronavirus

How To Cover Grey Roots

How Are Your Roots Doing?

I don’t mean your results.

I mean the roots on your head.

A few weeks ago, I asked what would you like me to help you with during the quarantine, and the majority of responses were asking for tips on how to handle going grey.

For some women, this is the perfect time to experiment and see if going all grey is right for them and become a member of the Silver Sisters club.

How To Cover Grey Roots During Coronavirus


If you do want to go all grey, go for it. If your eyes are blue or green the odds are very, very good that you’ll look stunning in grey hair so really, really go for it.

Keep in mind that as your hair color changes whether going grey, brunette, or black, the colors you wear near your face need to change as well. Your coloring from hair, eyes, to skin-tone, will need different clothing colors to be the most flattering for you.

But, and this is a big but…if you want to NOT bring attention to your grey roots while you wait for your salon appointment, do not wear grey near your face.

If you are all grey or ready to embrace your roots, go ahead and wear grey just like how the majority of the Silver Sisters in the photo above are doing.

For those of you who want to cover up your grey roots until you can go back to your ‘natural’ color, click on the image below to see the products that will keep your secret until you can get back into the salon chair or color your hair at home if you dare.

How To Cover Grey Roots During Coronavirus

How To Cover Grey Roots During Coronavirus



online personal styling

Two Four Letter Words – Bras & Help

online personal stylingGuess what?

You’re not the only one who isn’t wearing a bra that often…or at all during the quarantine, but in times like these we all need a lift and in more ways than one.

So while you have the extra time check out these great bra tips a friend sent me from a lingerie site she subscribes to, My friend really loves bras!

1st four-letter word – BRAS

Bras “wear out” at different rates.  It really depends a lot on your cup size.  The larger the cup size, the more stress is put on the fabrics and thus they wear out quicker.  Here are a few good rules to help you decide whether or not to keep your bra.

  • Hook adjustment being used – Bras should initially fit you on their loosest hook setting.  You then tighten as you continue to wear a bra until you are on the tightest hook setting and the band is starting to feel loose. This is the time to toss.
  • Front Closure – The downside to a front closure bra is that they wear out faster because there is no adjustability.  So, when they start feeling loose in the band, its time for them to go.
  • Sports bras – Because these bras are washed frequently and work harder to contain breast bounce, they tend to wear out faster.  The rule of thumb is that when you buy new workout shoes, you should also need a new sports bra.
  • Weight fluctuations – Every bra in your drawer should be put on and tested for fit. Take the time to adjust your straps, pull your breast tissue into your cups, and then look at yourself in the mirror.  If it no longer fits, let it go.
  • Rarely worn bras – We all have them; that special bra for a wedding, or to provide support under an unusual neckline.  They have hardly been used so you don’t want to throw them away. Well, try it on again.  Does it still fit? If it does, is it still comfortable, and has not deteriorated hold on to it if you have room and think you might use it again.  If not, let it go. That event came and went.  So should the bra.

2nd four-letter word – HELP

How can I HELP you?

You’ve likely spent years looking into your closet, seeing clothes that you have spent good hard-earned money on, and never wear…I can help you with this.

You’ve probably wanted to lose weight to fit back into many of your clothes for a few years, yet…well, you know. Being home pretty much 24/7 isn’t helping that much either…I can help you with this.

You might have convinced yourself that you can’t wear nice outfits…You’re wrong and I can help you with this…it’s what I do all the time.

You’ll get yourself out of the style rut you’ve been in for waaaay too long when you allow me to show you how to always know what to wear with my online personal styling service. You’ll finally be able to open your closet quickly, easily, and happy to pick out what to wear.

And I’m making it easier than ever because when you sign up for either a basic or premium online virtual styling consultation by April 30, 2020, and I’ll gift my $200
Dress Without Stress video course as a Bonus.

When HELP is needed, it only works when you take it.
Take it today, and you won’t need help figuring out
what to wear ever again.

It might be corny, but it’s true that when you look good, you feel good.

I’ll HELP you be your best when it’s time to get out and be seen again.






Virtual Wardrobe Styling Will Show You What To Wear

Virtual Wardrobe Styling Will Show You What To Wear

Virtual Wardrobe Styling Will Show You What To Wear

Virtual Wardrobe Styling Will Show You What To Wear

It’s time for me to give it to you straight and stop avoiding telling you the truth.

If you’re experiencing:

1. Not knowing how to look good and still be comfortable.
2. Not knowing how to dress for your body shape.
3. A closet filled with clothes that don’t really go with each other.

Then you need to work with me because if you don’t, you’re going to experience:

1. Overwhelm, insecurity, frustration, and regret – another year wasted.
2. Feeling stuck and unhappy by continuing to wear and buy the same things over and over.
3. A realization you wasted an opportunity to look great now from the waist up on video and for when it’s time to get out of your house possibly, like me, few pounds heavier.

Invest and believe in yourself now while you have more time because not knowing what to wear is exhausting, frustrating and expensive.

I’ve been virtually showing women what clothes, colors, and styles work and don’t work for their shape, life, age, and budget for years and now it’s your turn.


It’s time for you to also stop being tired of stressing about dressing.

Sign up for either a basic or premium virtual styling consultation by April 30, and I’ll add my Dress Without Stress video course with unlimited
Q & A in a private FaceBook group as a bonus during these challenging times.

Virtual Wardrobe Styling Will Show You What To Wear

Virtual Wardrobe Styling Will Show You What To Wear

It’s important to shower, get dressed and put on some makeup almost every day so that we protect our minds to make ourselves feel better and stronger.

We might be a bit heavier in weight, but can be lighter in our thoughts by taking the time to learn how to look and feel our best.

With being in quarantine due to Covid-19 it’s way too easy to get lazy and stop caring about how we look, but when we can get out again how we look and present ourselves is going to be very important.