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Working Virtually?

Working Virtually? Then You Need To Know How To Dress From The waist Up.

Working Virtually?

Working Virtually? Then You Need To Know How To Dress From The waist Up.

Nobody, nowhere, no way, and no how could have even dreamed up what we and I mean WE are going thru right now.

For many, the ability to continue working is a blessing and a curse as they are regularly exposed to the Coronavirus. But without them, we wouldn’t have food, medical care, medications, pet needs, and our beloved Amazon shipments.

Some lucky people can conduct what is left of their business virtually via Zoom, Skype, etc. and are currently only seen from the waist up.

So, what to wear when working virtually?

First, be sure to wear the color or colors nearest your face that makes your skin tone look healthy. Now more than ever, you need to give the impression of good health and strength when you’re fortunate enough to have it.

Avoid any color that makes your skin look sallow. Instead, wear colors that match your eyes as that is a sure bet to be flattering for you. When unsure, wear blues such as navy, teal, or turquoise.

First, get out of your PJs. Psst, I’m in my robe as I write this, but in my defense it’s Sunday.

As tempting as it may be to throw on a clean t-shirt, instead wear a top you would wear if you were presenting in-person, in-office or attending networking events.

Here’s a simple outfit to put together with what you already have in your closet and in case you’ll be virtual from head to toe, I’ve got you covered. You’ll be and feel attractive, comfortable and ready for being seen on screen.

Put on long loose tops, such as a tunic style top or pullover that’ll cover your tummy & tush in case you need to stand up. You’ll at least be comfortable at a time when most feel anything but.

Tie one on…shame on you, I meant a scarf. It will give instant oomph to your comfy outfit and make even the most basic of tops look like you made an effort.

Throw on boots, flats, fun sneakers or sandals depending upon the weather. If you’ll be staying seated, go ahead and wear your fuzzy slippers. One silver lining is that you can be comfortable and not wear any shoes that will cause you any discomfort.

P.S. I’m wearing my slippers while on a virtual personal styling call in the photo above.

TIP: Be sure to be eye level with your camera so nobody looks up your nose.

MAJOR Tip: Turn your camera and microphone off when you are multi-tasking or using the bathroom. Yup, that really happened and you can look it up if you want to. #PoorJennifer


Happy New Year

No Blahs… Only Bravos Allowed For 2018

Let’s not remember our failures over our successes.


Today I’m not going to give you any styling or shopping advice. Instead, please allow me to share my personal BRAVOS, and not tell you ANY of my 2018 BLAHS.


  1. I applied for the first time and was accepted to speak at the  NAPO, National Association of Productivity Professionals, conference in Chicago this year. It’s a big deal to be chosen and was one of my career goals.
  2. Forgot my iPad Pro in the security bin at the Milan Italy airport, and didn’t realize it until I was home the next day. My bravo is that even after 1 week of emailing, calling, and checking their online lost & found, I did not stop trying to get it back. After 1 1/2 weeks it showed up on their website, and it’s back in my hands. Never give up!
  3. Lost 5 lbs, and that’s just enough for me to have one less roll in my baker’s dozen.
  4. Had a very successful re-launch of my online course.
  5. Our daughter got engaged to a GREAT guy! Whew.
  6. Our son was a candidate for and received, via tough surgeries, a sci-fi RNS device to attempt to reduce his uncontrolled seizures. I’m only doing the bravo part of this story here…
  7. I had the privilege of working with 10 new clients in person and 15 more virtually. Their joy lifts me up.
  8. Met wonderful women via networking, many of whom are in the wonderful and intimate group  Entrepreneurial Woman’s Club.
  9. I have YOU as one of my readers and I thank you for that.

We ALL could use a bit of self-boosting, as we, myself included, tend to remember our failures over our successes.

So what are some of your 2018 BRAVOS? Please share in the comments space below, and let’s celebrate together.

Are Your Photos Telling You Something

Are Your Photos Telling You Something?

Nope, I’m not going to tell you that a picture is worth a thousand words, although it is…

Are Your Photos Telling You SomethingHere I am as a bridesmaid 31 years ago….please stop laughing and OMG, I have tan lines!!


Once you’ve composed yourself, take a look at some of your photos to see if the following stories could be about you.


Usually, after I give a presentation a few women come up to chat with me and tell me how they related to what I had shared with them. I love when that happens, and occasionally a few more will send me an email.


At a recent presentation, I gave to NAPO,  the National Association of Productivity  & Organizing Professionals at their annual conference, I told the story of what a woman who attended one of my previous talks had told me.


Her very funny story was that she realized she had a problem with her wardrobe when she went to renew her driver’s license, and after seeing the photo she realized she was wearing the same outfit 6 years later.


Now let’s agree that’s a lot of years to have the same go-to outfit, which explains why she hired me to help her transform her wardrobe and self-confidence to create multiple go-to outfits.


A few days ago a woman who attended my NAPO presentation, posted on my FaceBook page that she was choosing what to wear for a professional family photo shoot and that thanks to my presentation, she stopped herself from wearing the same top she wore for their last professionally taken family photo… wait for it…10 years ago!!!


There is nothing wrong with repeatedly wearing the same outfit. I do it ALL the time.


There is something wrong with repeatedly wearing the same outfit because you struggle to find something new, comfortable and flattering to wear.


Have you ever caught yourself wearing the same outfit for many years and wondered if you might have a problem?


Are Your Photos Telling You Something too?


We are on day 3 of my 5-day spring cleaning closet plan, End Your Closet Shame.

You can still get all 5 tips when you sign up here by May 18.


If you are one of the 200 plus women who signed up already, forward this post to your friends and family so they too can get the tips to help them get the clutter out, and help them make their closet a neater and happier space than it may be right now.

5 Tips to End Your Closet Shame ends in 2 days, but a less messy closet will last forever when you follow my 5 tips.

Are Your Photos Telling You Something

It Hasn’t Been Easy, But Definitely Worth It asI love My Personal Styling Business

personal stylingI am a Mature Preneur.
There I said it.
You must be wondering what the heck is a Mature Preneur? Well, I started my personal styling business, when I was getting too close for comfort to being 50, and that makes me a Mature Preneurial.

And wouldn’t you know it, the very gifted interviewer Elaine Benoit had me on her podcast, MaturePreneurial, and got me to share a few things I haven’t before.

Let’s just say, I’m glad my husband doesn’t read my blog posts.

Lately, I’m in a tell and show all mood.

Afterall, last week I showed you a photo of myself wearing men’s sweatpants. Yes, there I was in a very undesirable setting, looking and feeling quite grey.

personal stylingTake a look and listen to what I spilled right HERE and remember…it ain’t over, till it’s over.

Words of Wisdom:
A thinner you isn’t any more deserving than who you are right now.

Did you know that YOU can pull out an outfit from your closet every day without any other thought than, hey that was easy and damn I look good?

Well, you can, but only if YOU let me show you how.

Just like Nike says, JUST DO IT.

Give me a call, 914 441 0756, or send me an email and spill the beans of your I’m sick & tired of not knowing what to wear.

personal stylingAlthough Scarlett came extremely highly recommended and I knew what to expect when working with her, I was still so very surprised and delighted by how truly wonderful the process really was — and Scarlett is. Clearing out my closet was uplifting – I never realized how little of what was in there that I actually wore, or would even want to wear! Seeing what new outfits could be made from the remaining clothes was very enlightening. But the icing on the cake was the shopping experience! Words can’t really describe how wonderful it was. Truly is an experience that every woman should have—and ideally have more than once! And I am so tickled at the compliments I’ve been getting at my new outfits and how amazing they make me look and feel! Without a doubt, I can definitely say I’ve stopped stressing about dressing!!

Kim Barron

New Leaf Graphic Design


Here’s How To Look Classy On A Budget

Personal Stylist Tips: How To Look Classy On A Budget.

If I were to be asked the following questions in an interview, I have and here are the answers that will help every woman look classy on a budget.

Q. What are 3 inexpensive ways to look classy and put together?

A. 1. Wear clothes in the size you are now and not what you once were or want to be. Trust me, it’s worth the sacrifice.
2. Wear pants that are properly hemmed, so they don’t drag on the floor or look like you walked thru a flood. You’ll even look thinner and taller.
3. Wearing colors near your face that make your eyes sparkle and your skin not look yellow or green.

Q. What are 3 pieces of clothing that every woman needs?

A. 1. A proper fitting bra, so you are up where you belong with the bonus of having a more defined waistline.
2. A pair of pants that are comfortable and visually make your bigger parts smaller and your legs look longer. YES, they exist.
3. A handbag in a color, other than black, that doesn’t have any signs of wear and tear.

Q. What’s one common misconception about looking classy & well put together?

A. The biggest misconception is thinking that it costs a lot of money to dress well and look classy. If a woman buys clothing that costs lots of money but is in the wrong colors or fit, all she has are expensive mistakes hanging in her closet.

ALERT: Don’t lose weight or get younger. Get smarter.

YES, there are tons of clothes & styles right for you, but until you know what they are, nothing will change about your struggles.
If you want to personally get my tips without having to show me your closet or try on clothes, then you should look HERE.

If you’re interested in attending a Stop Stressing About Dressing Styling Event workshop, see below, please send me an email to be notified when I hold my next event. It’s sooooo much fun!!!

“LOVED this session!! Truly life changing. Thanks again Scarlett.”

Melissa Schultz

If you have the opportunity to work with Scarlett – take it! I attended a workshop she gave today and came away with so many tips to improve my wardrobe & shopping habits. Brava!

– Carolyn Rettbert Browning

Personal Stylist Tips: How To Look Classy On A BudgetPersonal Stylist Tips: How To Look Classy On A Budget

“I attended Scarlett’s first Stop Stressing About Dressing Styling Event this past Friday and it was fantastic. A small group of women shared learning and experiences and many many questions and laughs as we learned about our colors, ‘pulling things together’ and loads of style tips. I left energized and ready to make some changes, heading directly into my closet. Of course with all the extra space there was room for a tiny shopping trip to see if I could find at least 1 new piece in ‘my pallet’. The sales clerk was quite impressed with my focused shopping efforts as was I! Highly, highly recommend if you have the opportunity to work with Scarlett in a group or individual setting you consider it.”

– Teresa Solecki

How To Make Your Wardrobe & Personal Brand A Perfect Match

How To Make Your Wardrobe & Personal Brand A Perfect Match

How To Make Your Wardrobe & Personal Brand A Perfect MatchWhen it comes to your business, you need to stand out and not disappear into the crowd.

In order to succeed in both business and your personal life, you need to feel and look confident so you can stand out, be seen and succeed.

Below is the Free Webinar I made as a guest of Holly Chantal’s Land Of Brand, so grab a pen and paper and get the styling and shopping tips that YOU can use right away so you learn how to make your wardrobe & personal brand a perfect match.

P.S. Sorry about my sneeze attack in the middle of the video.

“When it comes to your visual brand everyone knows about your logo, colors and website – but what about your personal style? Today I have my personal stylist Scarlett DeBease coming to share with us how to dress like your brand in a way that flatters you both physically and personality-wise.” Holly Chantal – Land Of Brand

You Decide

Image Stylist Scarlett

Every time you decide to get out of your PJ’s or leggings and out of the house ask yourself just two questions:

“How do I want to feel today?”

“How do I want others to feel about me today?”

Then  choose to dress in an outfit that will give you the feeling you seek and deserve to feel. No more excuses please.

Like Nike says; Just Do It.

When you lose your excuses, you’ll find results.

I love getting ‘love notes’ from my Scarlett On Call debit card clients. – Debbie Fay

Find Out More Here.

Scarlett is a brilliant Image Stylist. She understands not only what looks good on her clients but how those clothes interact with daily life and can be an extension of brand. It was so incredible to arrive at my dressing room and find it fully loaded. I will never EVER look through racks of clothes again. What she saved me in knowing where to find the great sales (and when to pay full price) covered her fee alone. Even if that wasn’t the case she would be worth every penny. I highly recommend Scarlett!

Patty Lennon –

what to wear when working from home?

What To Wear When Working From Home

What to wear when working from home





Are You Dressed From The Waist Down? Don’t worry, I’m not trying to be nosy, but…did you wonder why Robert Kelly didn’t get up to usher his adorable children out of his office, while being interviewed live on the BBC?

If you missed it, you simply must watch this video and if you already saw it, go ahead and view it again, as we could always use laughter to brighten up our days.

AND, you’ll really love the what if this was a woman being interviewed  version at the bottom of this post.

So, why didn’t he get up? Well according to the very funny Stephen Colbert, host of the Late Show the answer is obvious…he wasn’t wearing pants.

I mean come on, he’s working from home, so why bother?

Ok, I think all of us who work from home need to get dressed, especially if we do Skype, Zoom, Video Conferencing, FaceTime or any other platform that allows you to be seen and heard.

One should always be prepared for children, pets, or horrors,  unwanted pests that crawl up our arms and cause jumping out of the chair and uncontrolled screaming. Or when the doorbell rings and you have an unexpected visitor during your office hours.

So, imagine you brushed your hair, put on your mascara, lipstick, and lovely top. From the waist up, you’re good. On the bottom, perhaps you are wearing gym leggings, and you didn’t even go to the gym, or sweatpants. Now let’s say you have to suddenly get up…not a pretty picture, is it?

Besides being half dressed can be a problem if you need to get up and out of your home office, it also isn’t that good for your confidence and self esteem.

Studies do show that making the effort to get dressed and not stay in pjs or gym clothes, allows for more productive days for the work from home professional.

So, what to wear when working from home? Take a look below.

Here are a few outfit ideas for you to wear when working from home. They are simple to put together, attractive, comfortable and ready for being seen on screen or out the door walking the dog or running errands in between calls.

  • Jean or black leggings that in no way resemble what you would wear to the gym. Not regular jeans, which can be uncomfortable for some.
  • Long tops, such as a tunic style top. The goal is to cover the tummy & tush with loose tops.
  • Throw on boots, flats, fun sneakers or sandals depending upon the weather.
  • Tie one on…shame on you, I meant a scarf, which will give instant oomph to your comfy outfit.

Here are a few photos for inspiration.

What to wear when working from home
What to wear when working from home
What to wear when working from homeWhat to wear when working from home

What to wear when working from home
What to wear when working from home
What to wear when working from home



Let’s go shopping together, for FREE

Let’s go shopping together, for FREE

Sorry, but the free replay is no longer available, but you still can get all my styling and shoppings tips that will transform how you choose what to wear without having to lose weight or turn back the clock to be younger.

Enroll here and in less than 10 minutes per video, you’ll know exactly what you should be looking for, so you’ll have clothes you’ll love to wear.

Let's go shopping together, for FREE

Let’s go shopping together, for FREE

I’ve gotten so many questions as to how will my video trainings work, that I decided to make my first one available at no cost for a limited time.

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On 1/18 at 2:00 EST, my first training,  Stylist 3 Step System To Shop For Clothes You’ll Love To Buy & Wear will be available to you at NO Cost, but the free replay will only be available for 2 days. After 1/20  this training will be available for sale, so let’s go shopping together, for FREE while you can.

You have to sign up in order to get the recording, and if you attend live you’ll be able to ask me your shopping questions. This is your chance to get my advice at no cost.

Here is my video message to you for the start of this year and how you may be looking at making changes in your life.

As a BONUS for signing up, you’ll get your own personal styling cheat sheet for you to print out and fill in with the tips & tricks you’ll learn in this video training.

Let’s go shopping together, for FREE on 1/18, 2:00 pm EST.

Pearls Necklace

How To Choose The Right Necklace

Most women will wear a strand of traditional pearls with a classic dress, and that’s okay.

But why be just okay?

I selected this dress for a high level executive client, but chose this beautiful costume and interesting pearl necklace instead of your mother’s pearls.

Here’s the trick:

See how the shape of the necklace mimics the neckline?

If you pair a round necklace with a v-neck, you will lose the opportunity to make an outfit special, instead of ordinary and predictable.

I don’t want you to be ordinary.

You shouldn’t want that either.


P.S. This dress is not so great looking when on a hanger, but when on a real body…WOW!

It really pays to try things on.