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Size Shaming

No More Size Shaming!

Let’s Shout Out loud – Stop Size Shaming!! I apologize in advance if I seem a bit angry in this video. If you have any size shaming stories to tell, please put them in the comments below, and let’s unite to stop the madness! Pssst…Overheard In The Dressing Room I’ve helped many women find the perfect dress to wear to their son or daughter’s wedding, and now that our daughter ...
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What Shoe Shapes Are Out Of Style?

What Shoe Shapes Are Out Of Style?

Ever wonder what shoe shapes are out of style? Every time I review a client’s closet’s contents, try saying that 3 times fast… she asks: “Are these shoes out of style?” And lately, my answer is almost always…”NO.” Why no you ask? Because these days almost all toe shapes, pointy, round or Square are ‘in’. Same for heels. Kitten, stiletto, wedge, block, or chunky are all fine to wear but do wear the ...
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How To Make Wrinkles Less Noticeable

Yeah, you can try creams, procedures, injections to make wrinkles less noticeable… OR You can use my tips in the video below to make the skin on your face look smoother, in a matter of minutes. Pssst…Overheard In The Dressing Room Our hands are a give-a-way to our age, so here is a tip my friend told me her fancy dermatologist gave her: Apply sunscreen with zinc just like a hand-screen. Keep ...
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No Matter What Shape Or Size You Are, You Can Wear These

No Matter What Shape Or Size You Are, You Can Wear These

Be sure to read thru to get a new resource for affordable and interesting jewelry that I traveled thousands of miles to find. ***************************************************************************** You know how sometimes, okay many times, you have clothes that used to fit or are a bit snug and gathering dust in your closet waiting for another chance? I certainly know that feeling, and it really stinks that the size we wear is likely not ...
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Are fashion Magazines Dying Out For Women Over 40?

Are fashion Magazines Dying Out For Women Over 40?

. I miss being inspired by fashion magazines, which makes me ask:  
Are fashion magazines dying out for women over 40? I remember as a teenager, being so excited when my mother’s monthly issues of  Harpers Bazaar and Vogue arrived in the mail. Oh, those gorgeous women, perfect makeup, hair, and clothes. Classy, stylish, and oh so inspiring. When it was time for me to grow and dress up, I ...
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