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What To Wear

Are You Tidying Up With Marie Kondo?

Ready to tidy and toss? So here’s what I’m talking about. There is a new  Netflix series, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” and it’s gaining lots, and I mean lots of attention and it all started with the great success of Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It’s so freeing and yes, fun to have an organized home. Especially your clothing closets and drawers. To be ...
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Scarlett with Client

Shhh…Listen In To A Virtual Styling Call

 Eavesdropping Alert!! Finally, I’m caught on camera hearing what EVERY client tells me and it takes less than 17 Seconds To Hear My Favorite Words. Do something nice for yourself and grab your copy of 5 Style Tips to get you on your way to Stop Stressing About Dressing ...
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Happy New Year

No Blahs… Only Bravos Allowed For 2018

Let's not remember our failures over our successes. Today I'm not going to give you any styling or shopping advice. Instead, please allow me to share my personal BRAVOS, and not tell you ANY of my 2018 BLAHS.
  1. I applied for the first time and was accepted to speak at the  NAPO, National Association of Productivity Professionals, conference in Chicago this year. It's a big deal to be chosen ...
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My Favorite Things For You and Yours

Let’s be honest for many, like me, December is a magical, festive, and often exhausting time of year. And you know what? I LOVE it!! It’s the time of year I ask my Santa, of the last 30+ years, for things that might be a splurge, but are worth it and I consider well-earned treats. And a time for me to give much-deserved gifts to those I love and care ...
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Size Shaming

No More Size Shaming!

Let’s Shout Out loud – Stop Size Shaming!! I apologize in advance if I seem a bit angry in this video. If you have any size shaming stories to tell, please put them in the comments below, and let’s unite to stop the madness! Pssst…Overheard In The Dressing Room I’ve helped many women find the perfect dress to wear to their son or daughter’s wedding, and now that our daughter ...
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Scarlett DeBease - Wardrobe Stylist Showing Women What To Wear.