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virtual wardrobe styling

Does This Looks Good On Me?

Instead of my giving you a styling tip I’m asking for YOUR opinion on something I’ve added to my
online closet…well actually my website.
I’ve worked with many women virtually but found, by simply asking, that many more didn’t even know that I offer virtual wardrobe styling. That’s my mistake, and I’m here to fix it, so… I’ve made a few changes to my website, but most importantly I finally added ...
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The Sleeve Length You Shouldn't Wear

The Sleeve Length You Shouldn’t Wear

Almost all women hate showing their arms…even when
it’s 100 degrees outside.
I can relate. But don’t rush to wear any top just because it has sleeves. Beware the half-sleeve. This is one sleeve style that can be quite unflattering.  For starters, it has a major FRUMP producing look. The Sleeve Length You Shouldn’t Wear These sleeves are too long or too short, depending upon how you look at it ...
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Tips To Know Which Boot Style To Wear

Tips To Know Which Boot Style To Wear

Boots can be warm.
Boots can be cool.
Boots are comfortable.
Boots are stylish.
Boots can elevate an outfit. But, the wrong style boot will ruin your styling efforts. Here are some boots do’s and don’ts. If you are less than 5’2 or have wide calves, do not wear mid-calf boots because… When a boot hits at the widest part of your lower leg it will visually make it look wider ...
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Are You Tidying Up With Marie Kondo?

Ready to tidy and toss? So here’s what I’m talking about. There is a new  Netflix series, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” and it’s gaining lots, and I mean lots of attention and it all started with the great success of Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It’s so freeing and yes, fun to have an organized home. Especially your clothing closets and drawers. To be ...
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Scarlett with Client

Shhh…Listen In To A Virtual Styling Call

 Eavesdropping Alert!! Finally, I’m caught on camera hearing what EVERY client tells me and it takes less than 17 Seconds To Hear My Favorite Words. Do something nice for yourself and grab your copy of 5 Style Tips to get you on your way to Stop Stressing About Dressing ...
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Scarlett DeBease - Wardrobe Stylist Showing Women What To Wear.