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What To Wear

Are You A Fashion Coward Shopper?

Don’t let this happen to you!!!  This week it’s all about having a laugh. Thank you Saturday Night Live, or for us cool kids SNL, for making a hilarious video about how some women play it safe when shopping for clothes. I tell all who’ll listen to me, that your immediate reaction is the one that counts, and if you agree you’ll love what happens in this video within 30 ...
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Maybe Next Time You’ll Volunteer Too

I thought you’d enjoy seeing how I gave this wonderful and funny audience volunteer some of my what colors to wear tips when I presented to NAPO, The National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals.
She was so much fun to have up on the stage with me, but I was taken aback when she told me what she was once told by a color consultant a few years earlier ...
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How To Make Your Neck Look longer

Here’s An Easy Way To Make Your Neck Look longer

Wish you had Audrey Hepburn’s enviable long neck? I do but I don’t. But I do know how to not make my neck look shorter, therefore longer. Do wear shorter earrings than long ones. Don’t wear earrings longer than approximately your upper lip. If you wear longer earrings, you’re going to make your neck look shorter and emphasize an already short neck. Notice how the woman being used to model ...
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Oscar Styling Do's & Dont's

Oscar Styling Do’s & Dont’s

I was asked to contribute to an online newsletter for women, about my picks for the top and not so top Oscar Styling Do’s & Dont’s, and I thought you’d like to see my thoughts and explanations. Personal Opinion Note: No matter how beautiful a woman looks, if she needs help walking to get her Oscar because of her dress or shoes, then her outfit is not a winner.

And ...
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virtual wardrobe styling

Does This Looks Good On Me?

Instead of my giving you a styling tip I’m asking for YOUR opinion on something I’ve added to my
online closet…well actually my website.
I’ve worked with many women virtually but found, by simply asking, that many more didn’t even know that I offer virtual wardrobe styling. That’s my mistake, and I’m here to fix it, so… I’ve made a few changes to my website, but most importantly I finally added ...
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