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How Women Over 40 Over See Themselves

Women Over 40 Looking too close at herself Stephen Dimmick is a fabulous NY and LA-based makeup artist, whom I discovered on Twitter. I especially enjoyed a post he once wrote, where he asks women to stop looking at themselves so closely in the mirror.
Stephen is correct, and so charming when explaining that nobody sees what you see in your closeup. I find this particularly helpful for women over …
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The Perils Of High Heels

Do you try to wear shoes that fit perfectly as Cinderella’s did, or attempt to cram your tootsies into the ‘perfect’ shoe just like her evil step-sisters? The Perils Of High Heels Many women are so determined to cram their feet in the wrong shoe, which in itself is not a natural look, just so they can wear certain styles, despite the pain and consequences. I remember years ago I …
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5 On-Line Shopping Tips

Online shopping tips Did you know that a new mall has not been built since 2006? I found that to be somewhat alarming, but certainly understandable. After all, shopping is no longer brick and mortar, as now it’s click and order. Online shopping is how more and more people are shopping every day, and the numbers keep going up. Personally, I love to shop online as long as I get …
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Easy Ways To Tie A Scarf

How To Tie A Scarf I am a scarf fanatic and own more than I can count or will admit to you. I love how an interesting and/or colorful scarf turns a blah outfit into a tah-dah outfit. One of the questions I am most frequently asked is how to tie a scarf, as a lot of women struggle with what to do with all the beautiful scarves they already …
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Guess How Much?

It is no secret to my clients, friends and family that I love a deal. I don’t just love saving money, I also can find a way to save money for clothes and accessories that make even the seasoned sales people gasp with envy and admiration. I can’t stop myself, as it is in my genes. My mother was a master at stretching a dollar, and I learned not …
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