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What To Wear

5 On-Line Shopping Tips

Online shopping tips Did you know that a new mall has not been built since 2006? I found that to be somewhat alarming, but certainly understandable. After all, shopping is no longer brick and mortar, as now it’s click and order. Online shopping is how more and more people are shopping every day, and the numbers keep going up. Personally, I love to shop online as long as I get …
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Easy Ways To Tie A Scarf

How To Tie A Scarf I am a scarf fanatic and own more than I can count or will admit to you. I love how an interesting and/or colorful scarf turns a blah outfit into a tah-dah outfit. One of the questions I am most frequently asked is how to tie a scarf, as a lot of women struggle with what to do with all the beautiful scarves they already …
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Guess How Much?

It is no secret to my clients, friends and family that I love a deal. I don’t just love saving money, I also can find a way to save money for clothes and accessories that make even the seasoned sales people gasp with envy and admiration. I can’t stop myself, as it is in my genes. My mother was a master at stretching a dollar, and I learned not …
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Is Someone Watching You?

  Be careful when you place a call using your iPhone, as you never know who can see you when you don’t know it. No, I am not a conspiracy theorist, only a woman out for your best interest because I don’t want you to ever be caught like a colleague of mine was, when she once made a business call from her iPhone. Like many entrepreneurs, she works from …
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Have Your Contents Shifted?

The following is a exert from my book Stop Stressing About Dressing. Have you ever heard a flight attendant ask the passengers to be cautious when opening the overhead compartments, as the contents may have shifted during the flight? When I heard this on one of my trips to work with a client in another state, I immediately knew that this was the best way to explain how one day …
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