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Did You Know I Do This Too?

Many of you know a little bit of what I do for and with my clients, but I bet you don’t know all of the services I offer. Sure I can take my clients shopping and show them what to wear, but did you know that I also help them with……Oh, just watch the video and find out. Maybe you’ll even find out you are one of my VIP clients. Did …
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Shopping Advice: Don’t Leave Your Dressing Room!

Shopping Advice: Don’t Leave Your Dressing Room! There you are in the dressing room trying to find an outfit for your next, presentation, interview, networking event, or special occasion, but you need to see how you look from all sides before you can decide if this is the outfit to solve all your problems. “Oh Honey, that looks wonderful on you!” No problem, all you have to do is …
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How Can You Be Mad At This Face? Why I shop at Nordstrom.

I am often asked which store do I take my clients shopping, and the answer is always Nordstrom. The main two reasons I prefer Nordstroms is because they have a variety of price points and exceptional customer service. And I do mean exceptional customer service. I have many examples of Nordstrom’s excellent customer service, but none as adorable and painful as what this gorgeous and sweet-faced puppy did to this …
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how to fold clothes for packing a suitcase

How to Fold Clothes For Packing a Suitcase

 How to Fold Clothes For Packing a Suitcase I’ve given the suggestions as to what to pack for as long as a week and with only a carry-on suitcase in other posts, but it is also important to know how to fold the clothes so you make the best use of a smaller amount of space. I only took a few lingerie items, as they are easily hand washed in the …
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You Are A Leader, but Do You Dress To Win?

 Want To Know How To Dress To Win? Via Twitter, I had asked what one of the fabulous Women’s Campaign School at Yale attendees what her biggest take-a-way was from my presentation. I love what she said, and here it is in plain English not Twitter speak: “If you are a leader, it should be seen. If you don’t have time for yourself, how will people know you have the vision …
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