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What To Wear

May I please solve your problems and make your life easier?

Want to know the top 3 problems a woman tells me she has?

  1. I don’t know how to dress the body I have now?
  2. I want to lose weight before dressing better…but I’m not losing those extra pounds.
  3. I hate shopping for clothes because I can’t find anything that fits me.

Sound Familiar?   If you relate, I’ve got some something for you…and it doesn’t …
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Movies, Clothes, Love Boat, RBG and Diane Keaton’s Neck

This past week, I went to see three movies. That’s a big deal for me because unless I’m traveling I don’t take that much time off. It sure felt great to take some extra me time. The unexpected bonus for me was that all three movies had something for me to learn or admire when it came to clothes styling. The first was Book Club, where Jane Fonda clearly …
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Clothes In A Box

Should You Order Your Clothes In A Box?

No way can I count how many times I’ve been asked if I know about the companies that will ship you a variety of clothes in a box for you to try on. Yes, way I know all about them and have seen quite a few sad expressions on my first time client’s faces when I ask about some of the unworn and/or unloved pieces in her closet? So why the …
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Are Your Photos Telling You Something

Are Your Photos Telling You Something?

Nope, I’m not going to tell you that a picture is worth a thousand words, although it is… Here I am as a bridesmaid 31 years ago….please stop laughing and OMG, I have tan lines!! Once you’ve composed yourself, take a look at some of your photos to see if the following stories could be about you. Usually, after I give a presentation a few women come up to chat …
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Ready To Breakup & End Your Closet Shame?

Now that you got to see me fall in love with being in a closet full of clothes, I want to help you fall in love with yours…but first, you may have to start a break up to End Your Closet Shame. Haven’t you occasionally wondered why it’s so hard for you to say it’s over to the clothes that haven’t treated you right?