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Fashion Styling Tips No One Tell You and More

I thought it would be fun for you to not have to read or watch anything, and instead sit back and listen while you have your morning coffee, apply makeup, or cook a meal. I was a recent guest on a brand new podcast called Magnificent Aging podcast hosted by professional organizer Deirdre Dolan Nesline. In this podcast you’re going to not feel so alone and learn a few tips you won’t get …
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Today is Compliment Your Mirror Day

Today  is Compliment Your Mirror Day No, seriously on the calendar of silly days, today actually is
Compliment Your Mirror Day. Now, here is what you need to do……… Stand in front of your mirror with your eyes closed. Put a big smile on your face and I mean a big smile. Now, open your eyes. Isn’t the picture of the person in your mirror absolutely stunning? YES, it is because …
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Scarlett In Red Dress

Are Crop Pants Right For You?

You know that pair of cropped or ankle pants in your closet you bought because everyone else was wearing them? Ever feel that they don’t look as good on you as they do on someone else? Here’s why and what I came up with to make my only and I mean only pair I own, work for me

  • Wear VERY high heels that will cause you a great deal …
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before and after

Take A Look At My Client’s Before & After

Warning: This is a real before & after. No special effects, angles or filters have been used… just a few of my MANY tips plus buying the clothes I recomended.   Be sure to check out Dress Without Stress so you’ll get the tips that will make you go from wondering why you can’t find clothes you love to wear to knowing exactly what to look for and avoid…and then you’ll finally …
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Clothes In A Box

Have You Tried A Clothes In The Box Service?

No way can I count how many times I’ve been asked if I know about the companies that will ship you a variety of clothes in a box for you to try on. Yes, way I know all about them and have seen quite a few sad expressions on my first time client’s faces when I ask about some of the unworn and/or unloved pieces in her closet? So why the …
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