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Anne F. Kennedy President,Outlines Venture Group

“Working with Scarlett is a delight. I have had help from personal stylists before, but Scarlett brings a wider perspective to everything she does. For one thing, she is brand and store agnostic and is able to find the best styles no matter what the source for all different body types and professional situations. I travel a lot for business; Scarlett’s help will carry me far — and light — as I hop time zones and climates. What’s more, she has helped me find a new and distinctive look that could be said to be more appropriate as my formerly ‘hour-glass’ shape which has morphed into more of an ‘apple’ as I age — ‘It happens”, says Scarlett. Every professional woman should have Scarlett de Bease in her ”village’. Time with Scarlett is definitely time well spent.”

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Lea Pica (

“I discovered Scarlett through a mutual friend whose ensemble was stunning. I had to ask “who” she was wearing. She passed me Scarlett’s name, and what I got from our engagement was so much more than a few beautiful dress recommendations. She empowered me with the knowledge of the right colors and silhouettes for my coloring and shape. I’ve received piles of compliments on the items we both chose using her guidance. She gave me a tool I will have for the rest of my life. Working with Scarlett is an investment not only in your closet, but your confidence as well!”


Sandra Sergeant

"I am writing this email to let you know, that long after, you leave someones house, or conclude a shopping trip, the effects of your presence are long lasting.
Several times this week I have consulted the photo album of the different styles you created for me last fall. And I have thanked you often... for making my life so easy, in knowing what to wear, and to being able to "dress without the stress". It was well worth it, and a very wise investment. Thank you, again for doing what you do! With that being said, when can we schedule another session?"

Image & Style consultant Westchester NY and Connecticut